The Internet represents many different communication and advertising possibilities and a leading company needs to use this channel as a strategically alternative and/or supplement to the printed media. The use of the online media enables a very informative analysis of the user behaviour that eventually can lead to an optimisation of the digital advertising strategy. Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen designs all kinds of digital communication material. Web sites, electronic newsletters, on-line banners and catalogues are designed while having in mind the existing or wanted image of the client as well as the brand in general.


Specification of demands, wireframes and the visual identity of our clients are the outset when Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen designs web pages. The design process reflects important aspects of the user friendliness and the flow of information on the site and is therefore of significant importance when companies are aiming for visits lasting more than one click. This means that an analysis of the requirements concerning illustrations, photos and text will be done to secure optimal integration of the elements.


To see examples of online catalogues made by Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen follow the links below:

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