Sleeve for XCalibur card designed by Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen2010-01-08

For a longer period Seidenfaden Design has designed and developed a sleeve for the XCalibur card by CUSO XCard Systems LLC. The XCalibur Card is to be launched ultimo 2010 and brings to the market a new biometric gadget with multiple functions as it can register both debit, gift and loyalty cards.


The role of Seidenfaden Design has been to add industrial design competences in the development process of this sleeve. According to Troels Seidenfaden (Creative Director), a lot of thoughts have been put into the product to secure optimal safety and an ‘easy to use' gadget. The result is an ergonomic small sleeve that incorporates a lot of technical details but at the same time has a visual design appeal.


At Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen it has been a really interesting and challenging task to fulfill, but we are very happy about the result and the corporation with the other companies involved. The product gives us the confidence to do more technical advanced lifestyle products in the future and the manifestation that industrial design is a core competence at the studio.


IBM Global Engineering Solutions as well as Kent Displays Inc. and Prevas Engineering have been involved in developing the XCalibur card, which indicates the complexity of this highly innovative and technical product.


To read an article about the product please click here (pdf)

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