Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen signs Strategic Alliance with China's leading Design Firm2013-06-13

The Danish design studio Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen (SDC), who has spent the last 10 years establishing themselves as supplier to several international mega-brands, today formally signed a strategic partnership agreement with LKK Design Group: With more than 200 employees one of China's largest design firms.


LKK Design works with 40 Fortune 500 companies and since 2004 they have delivered more than 1,000 design solutions for international companies such as GE, Haier, Lenovo, NBA, Nokia, Novo Nordisk, Panasonic, Samsung and Siemens.


Synergies for Growth
LKK Design became aware of SDC at a design fair in Hong Kong in April this year and quickly decided to contact SDC in order to open negotiations on a future cooperation. CEO David Jia explains:


"I was impressed by both their beautiful designs and by how far they have come. They are both innovative and talented business people. Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen is design with a bottom line, and that is exactly what we are looking for. "


One of the areas, in which LKK Design aims to be strengthened, is in the development of designs that can result in more Chinese mega-brands. Brands that will position themselves on the growing Chinese market of lifestyle products, by having clear references to the Chinese culture. Creative director and partner in SDC, Troels Seidenfaden comments:

"We have a very strong design tradition in Denmark. At SDC we have developed a business model that draws on this tradition and at the same time secures the commercial aspect. We incorporate our storytelling and thus an added value in our designs. This is something the Chinese are demanding right now. They are at a cultural crossroad and seek to define a way to express their story. That is what we will develop in cooperation with the skilled staff of LKK Design."


Strong Union
The signed letter of intent will form the basis of a cooperation where LKK Design and SDC will interact closely in several areas: LKK Design will make large parts of its marketing capabilities available to SDC and be a powerful partner in the further establishment of SDC on the Chinese market. SDC will act as an advisor and assist LKK in the development of new projects, designs and brands. Jointly the two design studios plan to expand their market shares in both the East and Europe considerably.


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